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Why Topicals?!

Today, we’re introducing our first topical product: bath bombs. I couldn’t be more excited about them. But, you may be wondering why they’re different than our tinctures or honey sticks, or why you may choose this type of product versus those.

Topicals offer your body a new and different way to absorb the CBD. They can be concentrated to use in small areas, such as a salve or cream, or they can be for all over use, such as these bath bombs or lotions.

Many of the desired outcomes for topical CBD products are similar to the uses of the tinctures: pain or joint relief, muscle recovery, or stress relief. However, for an individual with eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, or whole body muscle soreness (like me after my first CrossFit workout last weekend!) -- topicals can offer a unique type of relief. By applying the CBD product directly to the affected area, it absorbs right where it is needed.

You’ll find that topical products may have a higher dosage per use than tinctures -- such as our bath bombs (50 mg CBD per bath bomb, for one time use) versus our tinctures (about 17-34 mg CBD per dose). This is because our skin is our biggest organ and therefore products are absorbed at a different rate through the skin rather than orally. When our bath bomb is dropped into your bath, it attaches to the other ingredients from the bath bomb and then to your skin and absorbs as you soak.

As someone who struggles with psoriasis, I’m personally very excited to be entering the topical market and bring products to you all that may be able to help with these types of “visible” ailments. I’ve found the bath bomb able to dull the redness that can come with psoriasis as well as soothe my sore muscles and settle my mind for sleep. I hope you’ll give these a try and I look forward to creating more topicals in our efforts to create products that can help people.