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Proper Use?!

In the last few days, we’ve gotten a few questions about how to take our tinctures and we wanted to share with everyone in case more of you have questions about that!

Taking the tincture bottle, draw a full dropper out. Drop the tincture directly under your tongue, drop your tongue back down, and let the tincture soak in naturally for 30-60 seconds before you swallow.

Doing this allows the tincture to bypass some of your digestive system and get into your body faster -- helping you to feel the effects faster and more effectively. If you are someone who prefers to take the tincture by dropping it into a drink or swallowing it immediately, you will still feel the effects and find the benefits; however, allowing it to absorb naturally under your tongue helps you feel the benefits faster.

Hopefully this will help you use our products to their fullest benefits! If you have other questions, always reach out!