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Pet Tincture

Did you know your pets have an endocannabinoid system just like you do?! CBD has been shown to have some of the same benefits in our furry friends that we’ve seen in humans. If your pet struggles with anxiety, pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other joint/muscle issues, the addition of CBD to your pet’s daily routine could provide some relief.

Our Pet Tincture makes it super easy to give your pet their daily dose of CBD! You can drop it directly into their mouth, drop it onto a treat for them, or drop it into their food. If your pet will allow it, use the dropper to drop the serving directly onto your pet’s tongue -- this method allows the CBD to get into your pet’s system the quickest. If you go the treat or food route, be sure that the serving is on an amount of food that will be eaten in one sitting.

*Disclaimer: these droppers are made of glass, so do not let your pet chomp down on it. As I give my dog hers, I use my hands to hold her mouth open so there’s no risk of her biting down on the dropper. If this is something that your pet may have trouble with, please go with the food/treat avenue for ingestion!