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Huntsboro is a "minor civil division" in Granville County, North Carolina. For several generations our family has lived here, tending the land and molding hearts to be good stewards of everything we're given. Huntsboro Hemp Company was named this not only because of our location, but because our goal is to guarantee that all raw materials needed for products are raised and purchased from within a five mile radius of Huntsboro Road in Granville County -- to include the hemp, honey, and other future raw materials needed. 

Not only is this a way to financially empower other small businesses in our home county, but we have the opportunity to see first-hand where and how our products are grown/derived and we will have a lasting relationship with the person(s) who produced it.

As we welcome you into our family and offer products that are made with our thought and love for you in an effort to improve your health, we want to treat you and your family like our own. We want to stand behind our products without a shadow of a doubt and having the opportunity to see precisely where raw goods come from and how they're derived will help make that happen. 

Our family has too many memories in Huntsboro to begin to count and as we began welcoming all of you into our special place through our brand, our voice, and our products we want you to feel the same warmth, intention, and love that we have always felt in that special place.