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Deep Sleep ... A Precious Gift!!

Are you like me and the minute your head hits the pillow you think of ALL THE THINGS you need to do tomorrow? Or perhaps the things you forgot to do today? I get in bed and many nights it's as if my brain goes into hyper-activity mode and begins reeling with all the things I needed to do or could have done better that day. Are you with me Mamas? CEOs? Worriers? 

For those of you looking to sleep peacefully through the night, let me share my newest secret to a good night's rest ... our SLEEP tincture. I started using this in November and my FitBit has confirmed that I have rested better (even through the holiday season!!) thanks to this addition to my nightly routine. I keep sleep on my bedside table and apply one or two dropper fulls under my tongue immediately before bed. 

What I love about SLEEP is that I don't become drowsy or feel as though I've been drugged, instead I can converse with my husband, close out my daily devotions, and close my eyes for a deep night of sleep. I love that my cognitive awareness is not altered immediately before bed ... instead I feel normal and get solid rest. 

This tincture can be used alone or in conjunction with AWAKE or RELIEF daily. Let us know what you think and if your sleeping habits have changed due to SLEEP. We love hearing from you!