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  • Why Topicals?!

    Today, we’re introducing our first topical product: bath bombs. I couldn’t be more excited about them. But, you may be wondering why they’re differ...
  • Deep Sleep ... A Precious Gift!!

    Are you like me and the minute your head hits the pillow you think of ALL THE THINGS you need to do tomorrow? Or perhaps the things you forgot to d...
  • Honey, a Natural Favorite!

    As many know, honey is a great alternative to processed or refined sugars. Other amazing benefits of honey include its anti-inflammatory properties, its abundance of antioxidants (they help protect your body from cell damage!), and its ability to help soothe a bothersome sore throat and/or cough. 
  • Huntsboro

    Huntsboro Hemp Company was named this not only because of our location, but because our goal is to guarantee that all raw materials needed for products are raised and purchased from within a five mile radius of Huntsboro Road in Granville County -- to include the hemp, honey, and other future raw materials needed. 
  • What's the difference?

    If you're like me, you may be a little confused on the difference between Industrial Hemp and Marijuana. Just me? I didn't think so!! Over the last eight weeks, I've learned a lot about these plants -- how they are similar, but more importantly how they are different.
  • The Industrial Hemp Plant and the United States

    Do you feel the same way? Are you a bit confused about how this industry is growing in conversation, relevance, and legitimacy?