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Rooted in history. Grown for health.

The hemp plant has a deep history around the world and within the United States. As it reemerges as a leading industry in the U.S. it is so exciting to note the benefits to our health and wellness particularly!! We look forward to serving you with our all-natural, preservative free, locally sourced products.

Why Huntsboro Hemp?



We couldn't be more excited to share that our Bath Bomb line has expanded!!  Our UNWIND product line now has three unique scents to be pleasing to each of your unique preferences, but also to provide relief from a variety of ailments. For example, our Eucalyptus+Peppermint Bath Bomb can help aid in sinus and respiratory congestion and is a proven anti-bacterial and anti-viral to keep germs at bay! Rosehip+Ylang Ylang help to moisturize and brighten your complexion. There are 50 mg of CBD in each of the scents and as we know, CBD can be very useful in helping to alleviate muscle and joint pain. We cannot wait to hear which scent is your favorite!!

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What our customers are saying

I have been taking CBD oil for two months now. The benefits are absolutely mind blowing! My anxiety has decreased to the point that I have been able to cut down on my anti-anxiety medication. My sleep, energy level, and mood have also significantly improved. I would encourage everyone to give it a try. It’s NATURAL, safe, and has no side effects. Can that be said for anything pharmaceutical? Didn’t think so! :)

Mary Claire Duke; 32

I have been using the SLEEP tincture for about a month and I love it! It helps me get a good night's rest and I don’t feel drowsy when I wake up!

Terry Branch, middle-aged woman

I'm unsure if I have more energy because of the CBD oil or because I'm pain free -- either is a direct correlation to my expereince with the relief tincture and I couldn't be more thankful.

82-year-old woman

I suffer from ulcerative colitis and cannot eat greasy foods. I took my niece to lunch recently and indulged by having two french fries. A few hours later I was in severe pain. My Mom gave me 2 drops of Relief and within 10 minutes my pain was gone. I was amazed and quite thankful!!

Sophie Van Zandt, 21

I love SLEEP! I am finally able to get away from chemicals to help me sleep ... YAY!

Lisa Gingue, mid-40s

Family Owned. Farmer Loved.

We are proud to ensure quality from seed to sale. Products are sourced from certified farms who we know and love. The products are then made in our personal facilities, rigorously tested, then packaged and sent from our home to yours. Quality -- guaranteed!!